Monday, August 12, 2019

Highlander Hempen Bubble Bottoms

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Mod Name: Highlander Hempen Bubble Bottoms
Mod Version: 1.0
Compatible Races: Hyur Highlander
Compatible Genders: Female
Download: Here
Credits: Natyusha, MPGeist for the comm
Supported Body Types: Bubble Bottom WVR Body

A mod which adds BBWVR Bubble Bottoms to the Highlander Hempen Pantalettes. Also includes a Bouncy Bubble Bottoms version.

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  1. does this work for the midlander too?

    1. This is a mod to an item that can only be worn by Hyur Highlanders

    2. ah okay, I was just wondering because there is a mod that lets midlanders wear that gear aswell


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