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Natyusha's Commissions

Status: CLOSED -> due to backlog and covid-19 lockdown

If you would like to commission me to make a mod for you all you need to do is contact me on Discord. It may take some time for me to respond so it is helpful if the initial message contains some info about what you may want done. Joining my Discord server is also recommended so that you can view the queue and have the ability to DM me.

Note: Enthusiast tier Patreon commissions will take priority over non patron comms which can potentially cause delays for non patrons.

Discord: @natyusha#7261 / Naty's Nest

Types of Mods

I am fairly flexible with what I am willing to do. This includes Hair+Body mods for all races and genders as well as porting items from other games into FFXIV. The exception to this is that I do not wish to make complex 3D models and textures completely from scratch which can be very time consuming. I will also not release any mods privately and any commissions may be posted publicly at any time (extremely niche mods will likely not be posted).


Below are some examples of pricing for simple mods with anything more complex than that requiring a quote and being dependent on the time that it will take to complete. If you plan on commissioning a lot of mods please consider becoming an Enthusiast tier patron on Patreon for discounts and priority for commission slots. All prices listed are in USD.

$05.00 ► Simple Gear Swap
Switching one item to another. It is highly recommended that people learn to do this themselves by using TexTools' advanced import functionality. But, the option is still here.

$10.00 ► Simple Rescale
Changing the size or shape of an item without editing the textures or adding additional geometry to it. This would include simple bust size changes or slimmed down/thickened waists and limbs.

$20.00 ► Simple Conversion
Change the Butt or Bust size of an item so that it perfectly matches your choice of body mod. This would include something like adding Bubble Bottoms to a pair of pants that you like (BBB will add an additional $5 to this price).

$30.00 ► Complex Conversion
Same as above but for items which require the textures to be edited or extensive weight editing. Some items (mainly hair) will require some edits to the textures to properly convert them to certain body types.

$40.00 ► Port External Models
Porting items from other games/locations into FFXIV. The prices here will vary wildly depending on the complexity of the model and the format of the textures that come with it so it is best to ask for a quote for things like this. Bear in mind, that multiple race/gender combos or item slots will increase the cost.


All Payments will be handled through a PayPal link similar to the one used in the donation button below.

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