Thursday, October 11, 2018

Bubble Bottom WVR Body (BBWVR)

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BBWVR Preview

Mod Name: Bubble Bottom WVR Body (BBWVR)
Mod Version: 1.3
Compatible Races: Hyur, Roegadyn, Elezen, Au Ra, Miqo'te
Compatible Genders: Female
Download: Here
Recommended Mod: Naty's Mani-Pedi Mega Pack
Supported Body Types: Tight&Firm Feet/Hands, WVR Bodies Gen2, Bubble Bottoms Gen2, BBWVR
BBWVR Add-ons: Bouncy Bubble Bottoms | Gen2 Musculature Pack

An all in one nude mod which includes new versions of: Bubble Bottoms, Slim Waist WVR Bodies, and PK's Futa Pack Bubble Bottom Edition for use with Gen2 Textures. The WVR bodies were rebuilt using a custom version of the Multi-Rig with modified weights. This results in the breasts having the same shape as the default WVR ones with smoothed out skin and a lack of other visual artifacts. Along with the original three sizes a custom Extra Large bust was included which fits the WVR style but has slightly less perk. As for the Bubble Bottoms, they were also remade using the T&F Large shape as a starting point and are slightly larger than the old ones with a less jarring transition between thigh and Butt.

This Mod Contains:
  • - Tight&Firm Body Textures, Feet and Hands (Tight&Soft textures are default)
  • - WVR Bodies Gen2 (S/M/L/XL slim/default with Piercings/Lingerie/LargeAreola variants)
  • - Bubble Bottoms Gen2 (with Piercing/Lingerie variants)
  • - Bubble Bottoms Futa Pack Gen2 (S/M/L/XL erect/flaccid with Futa/Herma/Femboy variants)
  • - Titan Firm for the Body+Lingerie textures, base Foot+Hand models and base leg mesh.
  • - NaughtyWVR for the original WVR breast shapes (S/M/L).
  • - PrettyKitty for the piercings and erect dong models (S/M/L).
  • - Sel for the base Multi-Rig.
  • - Natyusha for the rest of the mod.
Size Reference (Hyur Midlander)
BBWVR SizesFrom left to right: Small | Medium | Large | XtraLarge | Butt

Bouncy Bubble Bottoms (BBB) v1.3
This is an add-on for BBWVR which adds jiggle physics to the butt and parts of the thighs. The 'jiggle' is tied to the mune_l and mune_r bones so any action that would normally cause some breast jiggle will now apply to the butt as well. The size of the bottoms are linked to the bust slider and will look best near the maximum value of 100 (with the shape changing slightly based on race). Above 100 slider the butt will grow larger and begin to sag while below 100 it will shrink and be pushed upwards. A nude option is included alongside the lingerie version but there are no textures included as this is intended as a last step to be installed after the other BBWVR options. Please note that physics must be enabled and your fps must be capped at 60 in game for this to work correctly (FFXIV Physics vs FPS Demonstration).

Download: Here

Bouncy Bubble Bottoms Preview

Gen2 Musculature Pack v1.1
This is an add-on for BBWVR and other Gen2 Bodies which adds varying degrees of extra muscle definition to the female figure. The lowest level called 'FIRM' uses the default Tight & Firm Highlander normal map with the FIRMER, FIRMEST and WTFBBQ options each adding further definition. This pack includes a standard and small bust size version for each race as well as separate scaleless Au Ra variants. The hands, feet nipples and privates are excluded from the increased muscles for a more natural look.

Download: Here

Gen2 Musculature PackFrom left to right: FIRM | FIRMER | FIRMEST | WTFBBQ

BBWVR v1.1 Changelog [2018-09-08]:
  • - Rebuilt on the Multi-Rig.
  • - Legacy tattoos now work on all of the body models.
  • - All of the lingerie options are slightly more form fitting.
  • - The breast weights have been adjusted for a better look while turning the head or twisting the torso.
  • - The large areola variant is now larger and more circular.
  • - The navel piercing has been reweighted so that it no longer clips into the body in some poses.
  • - An optional hood piercing has been added to the non futa legs.
  • - Modder resources are now included (morph targets/weights/3d files).
BBWVR v1.1.1 Changelog [2018-09-15]:
  • - Fixed the bra straps on the lingerie from being crooked on some sizes.
  • - Added a medium size body variant with the exact same waist size as the default body and added modder resources for it.
BBWVR v1.1.2 Changelog [2018-09-25]:
  • - Added the new T&F hand model and included fixes for buggy Au Ra/Miqo'te ankles caused by equipping 1.0 leg items.
BBWVR v1.2 Changelog [2018-09-27]:
  • - Reaveraged the vertex normals for every single bust size for smoother shadows and consistency between the lingerie and nude tops.
  • - Added better preview pictures that show most of the options and sizes.
  • - No more changes will be made to the upper body.
BBB v1.1 Changelog [2018-10-11]:
  • - Fixed very slight clipping issue with the lingerie version.
BBB v1.2 Changelog [2018-10-17]:
  • - Smoothed out the crotch mound geometry on the lingerie/featureless legs to match changes to an upcoming BBWVR update.
  • - Added some modder resources (3d files).
BBWVR v1.2.1 Changelog [2018-10-17]:
  • - Smoothed out the crotch mound geometry on the lingerie/featureless legs and updated the requisite modder resources.
  • - Fixed an issue where the BBWVR-Medium[Featureless].DAE modder resource was the wrong 3d model.
BBWVR v1.3 Changelog [2018-10-20]:
  • - Added the missing default waist sized versions for Small, Large and XtraLarge Bust.
  • - Added piercings and default waist size morph targets to the modder resources.
  • - Added a body uvw to modder resources for converting tops to large areola.
  • - Added flaccid variants for all of the dongs.
  • - Added optional hood piercings to the Futa and Herma sets.
  • - Separated all the dongers into an extra mesh for ease of editing.
  • - The various wangs will now hide when long skirts are equipped.
  • - This should be the last major update barring any problems.
BBB v1.3 Changelog [2018-11-30]:
  • - Very minor weight and symmetry adjustments.
  • - Added modder resources to facilitate conversions from regular legs to bouncy ones.
Gen2 Musculature v1.1 Changelog [2019-01-12]:
  • - Excluded the privates, hands and feet from having increased musculature.

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  1. I think it's a great mod, but the "Large Areola" doesn't really look much larger than standard, or am I doing something wrong?

    1. you'll want to look into editing the textures if you want something larger than that

  2. Hi, is it normal that when I use the femboy model on my xaela, the penis is not the same colour as the body?

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. The bottoms are o coming off when I unequipped them

  5. For some reason when I get the mods working everything seems fine except the tip of the penis and the nipples are the same color as my characters skin and not the fleshy pink it is meant to be, how do I fix this

    1. Make sure that you are running the game in dx11 mode and have installed the textures from the main modpack outside the optional folders.

    2. My game is running in dx11 mode and I have no optional files, I have the one that turns all the underwear invisible, the abs mod and the large herm mod and it still has the issue

    3. the best I can do without more info is link you to this:

      You can also join the textools discord and ask in the help channels

    4. Hey there, I have the exact same question that couldn't be answered by that google doc.

      My game is running in dx11 mode as well however I just need the nude skin patch file. I did try the old GEN1 skin but it makes things look wierd with the labia when using the regular pussy.

      I thoroughly looked through your mod of "Bubble Bottom WVR Body (BBWVR)" and see nothing titled optional folders except for "body tone varients optional" in there I find only Tight&Soft-Normals[SmallBreasts] and Tight&Firm-Normals. I find nothing for the larger nipple. Do I just install Tight&Firm-Normals? I ask because I've always been a huge fan of the soft or tight and soft.

    5. Everything besides the main 'BubbleBottomWVRBody-Gen2.ttmp' is optional. Did you actually install that or just the optional stuff by itself?

  6. HI,i want to make it more bouncy, what should i do?

    1. make sure you aren't running the game above 60fps as it is quite bouncy as is. otherwise edit the weights in 3ds max

  7. I'm getting an error with the 3-D body. When I disable it, it works. How do I get the 3-d body to work?

    1. Nvm I got it, I wish this mod give you option for pubic hair. Maybe in the future other then that good job.

    2. There are several different gen2 texture variants on the textools discord (including pubes). Adding optional textures to this pack would just inflate the file size of the mod more than it already is.

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. I'm having an issue when any of the ttmp files from this mod with textools - the textures load fine for the chest and upper body... but the lower body and legs simply vanish entirely. Is this a known issue?

    1. There are no issues present with the pack that I am aware of. You likely have busted .dat files.

      Try this guide out for troubleshooting:

  10. Thank you for this mod! Eagerly waiting for Taoist slops to be added as well.

  11. Replies
    1. Compatible Races: Hyur, Roegadyn, Elezen, Au Ra, Miqo'te

  12. So, I installed this mod, not sure if this is a bug, but the futa penis only appears when BOTH the body and leg slots in equipment are Emperor'd/unequipped. I'm presuming that, if this is intentional, it is done to prevent clipping. If not, well, it works as advertised in literally every other way.

    1. Any top that would normally hide belts or extra doodads from leg gear will hide the dong so it doesn't poke through skirts. You can disable this through advanced import by removing the waist attribute from the legs if you want.

    2. Similar issue here, but what's odd is that before the most recent patch (4.45) it used to work fine, even though it did often times clip through the clothing.

      Example: prior to patch 4.45, if I had just the plague bringer's coat equipped with no pants, the cock would show, which I thought was pretty sexy.
      Now, though, having the same coat equipped with no pants, nothing shows. No cock, just a bald spot down there.

      It's not a big deal or anything, but I do find it odd that this only started happening recently. Not sure if it's something on my end or the patch changed something up.

    3. From the most recent part of the changelog: - The various wangs will now hide when long skirts are equipped.

      Also, see my above comment on how you can easily disable that behavior through advanced import.

  13. Hi, sorry for my grammar not being the best :D is it normal that i0m getting a black, triangle shaped, glitch while running? Not sure if i can post a vid/gif link, i'm using:
    - XL top
    - right piercing only mod
    - bubble butt mod
    - pierced legs (Barbell-Hood) mod. Not sure wether i should use this or not, it feels like i should use it only in combination with pierced navel.

  14. Make sure that you have LOD turned off ingame.

    1. Was 100% sure i had turned it off (it's among the first things i did to "prepare" my ff for modding), it was turned on instead. Maybe restoring my laptop data (i play from 2 pcs transferring configuration files) changed it. Thanks for making me recheck, that was the issue :D

  15. I'm having the same texture issue described above, but since no one bothered to try documenting it, I took some screenshots of a clean install. It looks like the issue might be with the smallclothes/emperor sets? I don't know a whole heck of a lot tho.

    If you'd need anything else, let me know:

    And for what it's worth, I'm using v1.9.9.1

    1. I can see from your TexTools screenshots that you have it in DirectX 9.0 mode (bottom left of the window) which leads me to believe that you may be running your game in Dx9 also. Switch both TexTools and FFXIV to Dx11 and you won't have any problems.

    2. That worked like a charm!! ty!

  16. I was curious if there was a way to have specific mods affect specific races?
    For example, have Medium chest on Midlander and Miqo, Large on Roe, Elezen and Highlander, Small on Au ra. I guess the same would apply to the Futa mods as well.

    1. Sadly all of the female races barring Lalafell share the same body so there isn't really a way to achieve this currently. Maybe in the future people will figure out some way around this perhaps by being able to edit the racial transforms applied to the body.

  17. Is there anyway to not have the bubble butt, but still increase breast size?

    1. Uncheck the Emperor's New Breeches + Smallclothes Legs parts of the modpack.


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