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Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Bubble Bottom WVR Body (BBWVR) 1.5.2 ARCHIVE

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Bubble Bottom WVR Body (BBWVR) 1.5.2 ARCHIVE
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BBWVR Preview
This Mod Is No Longer Supported. The Newest Version Is Available:
> Here <

Mod Name: Bubble Bottom WVR Body (BBWVR)
Mod Version: 1.5.2
Compatible Races: Hyur, Roegadyn, Elezen, Au Ra, Miqo'te, Viera
Compatible Genders: Female
Download: Here
Recommended Mod: Naty's Mani-Pedi Mega Pack
Supported Body Types: Tight&Firm Feet/Hands, WVR Bodies Gen2, Bubble Bottoms Gen2, BBWVR
BBWVR Index: FAQ | Changelog

An all in one nude mod which includes new versions of: Bubble Bottoms, Slim Waist WVR Bodies, and PK's Futa Pack Bubble Bottom Edition for use with Gen2 Textures. The WVR bodies were rebuilt using a custom version of the Multi-Rig with modified weights. This results in the breasts having the same shape as the default WVR ones with smoothed out skin and a lack of other visual artifacts. Along with the original three sizes a custom Extra Large bust was included which fits the WVR style but has slightly less perk. As for the Bubble Bottoms, they were also remade using the T&F Large shape as a starting point and are slightly larger than the old ones with a less jarring transition between thigh and Butt.

This Mod Contains:
  • - Tight&Firm Body Textures, Feet and Hands (Tight&Soft textures are default)
  • - WVR Bodies Gen2 (S/M/L/XL slim/default with Piercings/Lingerie/LargeAreola variants)
  • - Bubble Bottoms / Vanilla Bottoms Gen2 (with Piercing/Lingerie variants)
  • - Bubble Bottoms Futa Pack Gen2 (S/M/L/XL erect/flaccid with Futa/Herma/Femboy variants)
  • - Titan Firm for the Body+Lingerie textures, base Foot+Hand models and base leg mesh.
  • - NaughtyWVR for the original WVR breast shapes (S/M/L).
  • - PrettyKitty for the piercings and erect dong models (S/M/L).
  • - Sel for the base Multi-Rig.
  • - Natyusha for the rest of the mod.
Size Reference (Hyur Midlander)
BBWVR SizesFrom left to right: Small | Medium | Large | XtraLarge | Bubble Bottoms

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why are there are no nipple textures after installing the mod?
  • - Make sure to install BubbleBottomWVRBody-Gen2.ttmp before any other parts of the mod. If that doesn't work ensure that the game is running in DirectX 11 mode.

Why do the breasts have strange shading when at a small size?
  • - There are optional textures included in the Musculature Variants folder of the main mod as well as the Gen2 Musculature Pack for those using a small size.

What do I do if I don't want my donger to vanish when I equip skirts or other similar items?
What is the default setup used by the main modpack?
  • - Large default waist size body, Bubble Bottom legs, no piercings, Tight & Soft body tone for Midlander / Miqo'te / Elezen / Au Ra, and Tight & Firm Body tone for Viera / Roegadyn / Highlander.

Can I use the body or legs from this mod with another mod like T&F or Curvier Bodies?
  • - Yes, you can mix and match parts from all mods meant for Gen2 textures.

Full Changelog:

BBWVR v1.5.2 [2019-07-28]:
  • - Added Donger variants for Vanilla Bottoms.
  • - Added optional modpacks to make the body or leg piercings silver.
  • - Changed the default modpack to use Tight & Firm Body Tone for Viera, Highlander and Roegadyn.
BBWVR v1.5.1 [2019-07-11]:
  • - Finalized 'Vanilla Bottoms' leg size with very small vertex normal and size tweaks.
  • - Added feet and hand 3d model resources due to new T&F releases having slightly different versions.
  • - Removed 'Morph Target' modder resources due to them not being compatible with newer morph rigs.
BBWVR v1.5 [2019-07-10]:
  • - Added a preliminary version of a new leg size called 'Vanilla Bottoms' this size is as close to the default leg size as possible without going full on pancake (the result is a size very close to the base 'Viera Pantalettes').
BBWVR v1.4.2 [2019-07-09]:
  • - Restored asymmetrical piercing variants for the body and updated modder resources to reflect the fix.
BBWVR v1.4.1 [2019-07-03]:
  • - Removed defunct asymmetrical piercing variants from the archive.
BBWVR v1.4 [2019-07-03]:
  • - Added support for Viera.
  • - Added Support for NPC Bathing Gear (9903 items). Futa variants are excluded to reduce file size.
  • - Added a FAQ section to the modpage.
Gen2 Musculature Pack v1.2 [2019-07-03]:
  • - Added support for Viera.
BBB v1.4 [2019-07-03]:
  • - Added Support for NPC Bathing Gear (9903 items).
Gen2 Musculature Pack v1.1 [2019-01-12]:
  • - Excluded the privates, hands and feet from having increased musculature.
BBB v1.3 [2018-11-30]:
  • - Very minor weight and symmetry adjustments.
  • - Added modder resources to facilitate conversions from regular legs to bouncy ones.
BBWVR v1.3 [2018-10-20]:
  • - Added the missing default waist sized versions for Small, Large and XtraLarge Bust.
  • - Added piercings and default waist size morph targets to the modder resources.
  • - Added a body uvw to modder resources for converting tops to large areola.
  • - Added flaccid variants for all of the dongs.
  • - Added optional hood piercings to the Futa and Herma sets.
  • - Separated all the dongers into an extra mesh for ease of editing.
  • - The various wangs will now hide when long skirts are equipped.
  • - This should be the last major update barring any problems.
BBB v1.2 [2018-10-17]:
  • - Smoothed out the crotch mound geometry on the lingerie/featureless legs to match changes to an upcoming BBWVR update.
  • - Added some modder resources (3d files).
BBWVR v1.2.1 [2018-10-17]:
  • - Smoothed out the crotch mound geometry on the lingerie/featureless legs and updated the requisite modder resources.
  • - Fixed an issue where the BBWVR-Medium[Featureless].DAE modder resource was the wrong 3d model.
BBB v1.1 [2018-10-11]:
  • - Fixed very slight clipping issue with the lingerie version.
BBWVR v1.2 [2018-09-27]:
  • - Reaveraged the vertex normals for every single bust size for smoother shadows and consistency between the lingerie and nude tops.
  • - Added better preview pictures that show most of the options and sizes.
  • - No more changes will be made to the upper body.
BBWVR v1.1.2 [2018-09-25]:
  • - Added the new T&F hand model and included fixes for buggy Au Ra/Miqo'te ankles caused by equipping 1.0 leg items.
BBWVR v1.1.1 [2018-09-15]:
  • - Fixed the bra straps on the lingerie from being crooked on some sizes.
  • - Added a medium size body variant with the exact same waist size as the default body and added modder resources for it.
BBWVR v1.1 [2018-09-08]:
  • - Rebuilt on the Multi-Rig.
  • - Legacy tattoos now work on all of the body models.
  • - All of the lingerie options are slightly more form fitting.
  • - The breast weights have been adjusted for a better look while turning the head or twisting the torso.
  • - The large areola variant is now larger and more circular.
  • - The navel piercing has been reweighted so that it no longer clips into the body in some poses.
  • - An optional hood piercing has been added to the non futa legs.
  • - Modder resources are now included (morph targets/weights/3d files).


A Final Fantasy XIV modder with a focus on high quality edits for vanilla gear.

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