Friday, July 5, 2019

Naty's Mani-Pedi Mega Pack


Mod Name: Naty's Mani-Pedi Mega Pack
Mod Version: 2.3.2
Compatible Races: Hyur, Roegadyn, Elezen, Au Ra, Miqo'te, Viera
Compatible Genders: Female, Male (incidental)
Download: Here
Credits: Titan Firm for the base feet/hands, Natyusha for the rest of the mod
Required Mods: Gen2 Compatible Body Textures
Supported Body Types: Tight&Firm Feet/Hands, BBWVR2

A comprehensive mod which adds new higher poly feet/hands to all of the female items in the game which feature toes or fingers. Individual toes with toenails as well as less blocky fingers with fingernails will now be visible for feet and hands respectively. The models in this pack retain their original shape with many items having additional geometry added to them to plug holes or add backfaces (se mistakes). Since this pack modifies a significant amount of items it is advisable to make a backup of all your mods before installing. A full list of the 750+ affected items is available below.

Please note that many of these items share models with their male counterparts. To replace the SmallClothes and NPC base hands install BBWVR2.

Full Changelog:

v2.3.3 [2019-08-13]:
  • - Added Deepshadow Armguards of Healing.
  • - Fixed minor clipping on several items.
v2.3.2 [2019-08-08]:
  • - Disabled extra data for Ravel Keeper and Viera Sandals.
v2.3.1 [2019-07-21]:
  • - Added the new Edengate Items.
v2.3 [2019-07-05]:
  • - Added all of the new Shadowbringers items as well as some missing items from the patches leading up to 5.0. Will add more NPC items when they are viewable in TexTools.
v2.2.3 [2018-11-28]:
  • - Fixed a clipping issue on the Bunny and Bunny Chief Loops.
v2.2.2 [2018-11-22]:
  • - Added a fix for several rings which clipped into the index finger (shared models with Coral Ring).
v2.2.1 [2018-11-03]:
  • - Added the Rakshasa Zori of Aiming and its shared models.
v2.2 [2018-10-09]:
  • - A final quality control pass fixing several minor clipping/mesh hiding issues.
v2.1.1 [2018-10-07]:
  • - Fixed several gloves which broke when worn with long sleeved tops.
v2.0 [2018-10-06]:
  • - Updated the mod to include hands and changed the mod's name and description.
  • - Included T&F fixes for 1.0 leg items causing ankle issues on Au Ra / Miqo'te.
v1.1 [2018-07-16]:
  • - Fixed an issue where some shoes had toe clipping present on Au Ra and Miqo'te.

List of Affected Items [m] ⮞ Shared with male model [f] ⮞ Female specific model [r] ⮞ Race specific model [n] ⮞ NPC specific model Gear/Feet/3D #[n] 9130 (General NPC Hands) NOT WORKING REQUIRES TEXTOOLS UPDATE [n] 9160 (Minfilia & Ryne's Boots) [m] Aetherial Cobalt-plated Caligae [m] Aetherial Mythril-plated Caligae [m] Aetherial Steel-plated Caligae [f] Aka Oni Sune-ate [f] Ala Mhigan Calligae of Aiming [f] Ala Mhigan Caligae of Casting [f] Ala Mhigan Caligae of Fending [f] Ala Mhigan Caligae of Maiming [f] Ala Mhigan Sandals of Healing [f] Ala Mhigan Sandals of Scouting [m] Ala Mhigan Shoes of Gathering [f] Anemos Myochin Geta [f] Antiquated Caller's Sandals [f] Antiquated Myochin Geta [f] Ao Oni Sune-ate [m] Arhat Kyahan of Casting [m] Arhat Kyahan of Healing [m] Arhat Kyahan of Maiming [m] Arhat Kyahan of Scouting [m] Arhat Kyahan of Striking [m] Artisan's Sandals [m] Augmented Ala Mhigan Shoes of Gathering [m] Augmented Forgekeep's Sandals [m] Augmented Gemkeep's Sandals [m] Augmented Tackleking's Sandals [r] Auri Buskins [f] Caller's Sandals [m] Cobalt-plated Caligae [m] Conqueror's Sandals [m] Darklight Caligae of Aiming [m] Darklight Caligae of Striking [m] Dated Armored Caligae [m] Dated Armored Caligae (Black) [m] Dated Armored Caligae (Green) [m] Dated Armored Caligae (Ochre) [m] Dated Armored Caligae (Red) [m] Dated Dodoskin Caligae [m] Dated Dodoskin Caligae (Black) [f] Dated Lauan Sandals [f] Dated Lauan Sandals (Grey) [m] Dated Leather Caligae [m] Dated Leather Caligae (Black) [m] Dated Leather Caligae (Green) [m] Dated Leather Caligae (Ochre) [m] Dated Leather Caligae (Red) [m] Dated Sheepskin Caligae [m] Dated Sheepskin Caligae (Grey) [m] Dated Sheepskin Caligae (Taupe) [f] Dated Walnut Sandals [f] Dated Walnut Sandals (Black) [f] Dated Walnut Sandals (Green) [f] Dated Walnut Sandals (Ochre) [f] Dated Walnut Sandals (Red) [f] Demon Caligae of Scouting [f] Demon Caligae of Striking [f] Demon Sandals of Casting [f] Demon Sandals of Healing [m] Eastern Journey Shoes [f] Edengate Sandals of Healing [f] Edengate Sandals of Striking [f] Edengrace Sandals of Healing [f] Edengrace Sandals of Striking [f] Endless Summer Sandals [m] Exclusive Eastern Journey Shoes [f] Faire Zori [m] Flame Elite's Caligae [m] Forgekeep's Sandals [m] Forgemaster's Sandals [m] Gaganaskin Sandals of Casting [m] Gaganaskin Sandals of Healing [m] Gaganaskin Sandals of Scouting [m] Gaganaskin Sandals of Striking [m] Gazelleskin Open-toe Boots of Maiming [m] Gazelleskin Open-toe Boots of Scouting [m] Gazelleskin Open-toe Boots of Striking [m] Gemkeep's Sandals [m] Gemmaster's Sandals [m] Ghost Barque Open-toed Boots of Scouting [m] Ghost Barque Sandals of Healing [m] Ghost Barque Sandals of Maiming [f] Guoc [m] Hakuko Kyahan [m] Hard Leather Caligae [f] Hard Leather Sandals [m] Hemiskin Open-toed Boots of Casting [m] Hemiskin Open-toed Boots of Healing [m] Kirimu Sandals of Scouting [m] Kirimu Sandals of Striking [f] Kokuko Kyahan [m] Landking's Shoes [f] Lady's Clogs [f] Leather Sandals [f] Leg Guards of the Last Unicorn [m] Militia Caligae [f] Moonfire Sandals [f] Myochin Geta [f] Myochin Geta +1 [f] Myochin Geta +2 [m] Mythril-plated Caligae [m] Nabaath Shoes of Scouting [f] Nue Sune-ate [m] Pagos Sandals [m] Panegyrist's Sandals [m] Prophet's Sandals [f] Rakshasa Zori of Aiming [f] Rakshasa Zori of Scouting [f] Rakshasa Zori of Striking [m] Ravel Keeper's Sandals of Aiming [m] Ravel Keeper's Sandals of Casting [m] Ravel Keeper's Sandals of Healing [m] Ravel Keeper's Sandals of Scouting [m] Ravel Keeper's Sandals of Striking [f] Republican Dimachaerius's Calligae [f] Republican Eques's Calligae [f] Republican Hoplomachus's Greaves [f] Republican Medicus's Calligae [f] Republican Sagittarius's Calligae [f] Republican Secutor's Calligae [f] Republican Signifers's Calligae [m] Scion Chronocler's Calligae [m] Scion Thief's Armored Calligae [f] Shisui Zori of Aiming [f] Shisui Zori of Casting [f] Shisui Zori of Fending [f] Shisui Zori of Healing [f] Shisui Zori of Maiming [f] Shisui Zori of Scouting [f] Shisui Zori of Striking [f] Smallclothes Feet [m] Snakeliege Greaves [m] Snakestongue greaves [m] Steel-plated Caligae [m] Subjugator's Sandals [f] Summer Sandals [m] Tackleking's Sandals [m] Thaliak's Sandals of Casting [m] Thaliak's Sandals of Healing [f] Thavnairian Sandals [f] The Emperor's New Boots [f] The Forgiven's Caligae of Scouting [f] The Forgiven's Caligae of Striking [f] The Forgiven's Sandals of Casting [f] The Forgiven's Sandals of Healing [f] True Griffin Caligae of Scouting [f] True Griffin Caligae of Striking [f] True Griffin Sandals of Casting [f] True Griffin Sandals of Healing [r] Viera Sandals [m] War Caligae [m] Warwolf Caligae of Striking [f] Weathered Bhikku Boots [f] Weathered Kasuga Zori [m] Yafaemi Sandals of Scouting [m] Yafaemi Sandals of Striking [f] Yama Zori of Aiming [f] Yama Zori of Scouting [f] Yama Zori of Striking [f] Zonureskin Caligae of Fending [f] Zonureskin Caligae of Healing [f] Zonureskin Caligae of Maiming [f] Zonureskin Sandals of Striking [f] Zonureskin Sandals of Aiming [f] Zonureskin Sandals of Casting Gear/Hands/3D [m] Acolyte's Halfgloves [f] Aetherial Boarskin Ringbands [f] Aetherial Boarskin Ringbands of Flames [f] Aetherial Boarskin Ringbands of Frost [f] Aetherial Boarskin Ringbands of Gales [f] Aetherial Boarskin Ringbands of Storms [f] Aetherial Boarskin Ringbands of Tides [f] Aetherial Boarskin Ringbands of Tremors [m] Aetherial Fingerless Boarskin Gloves [m] Aetherial Fingerless Goatskin Gloves [m] Aetherial Fingerless Peisteskin Gloves [m] Aetherial Fingerless Raptorskin Gloves [f] Aetherial Goatskin Ringbands [f] Aetherial Hard Leather Ringbands [m] Aka Oni Kote [f] Ala Mhigan Fingerless Gloves of Aiming [f] Ala Mhigan Fingerless Gloves of Casting [f] Ala Mhigan Fingerless Gloves of Fending [f] Ala Mhigan Fingerless Gloves of Healing [f] Ala Mhigan Fingerless Gloves of Maiming [f] Ala Mhigan Fingerless Gloves of Scouting [m] Ala Mhigan Fingerless Gloves of Striking [m] Ala Mhigan Gloves of Crafting [m] Ala Mhigan Gloves of Gathering [f] Alliance Armguards of Aiming [f] Alliance Armguards of Fending [f] Alliance Armguards of Maiming [f] Alliance Fingerless Gloves of Casting [f] Alliance Fingerless Gloves of Healing [f] Alliance Fingerless Gloves of Scouting [f] Alliance Fingerless Gloves of Striking [m] Amatsu Tekko [m] Anemos Brutal Guantlets [m] Anemos Channeler's Armlets [f] Anemos Constellation Armlets [m] Anemos Myochin Tekko [f] Anemos Orator's Cuffs [f] Anemos Pacifist's Armguards [f] Anemos Seventh Heaven Fingerless Gloves [m] Anemos Storyteller's Gloves [f] Angelic Chaplets [m] Antiquated Brutal Guantlets [f] Antiquated Caller's Armlets [m] Antiquated Channeler's Guantlets [f] Antiquated Constellation Armlets [m] Antiquated Myochin Tekko [f] Antiquated Orator's Cuffs [f] Antiquated Orison Fingerless Gloves [f] Antiquated Pacifist's Armguards [f] Antiquated Seventh Heaven Fingerless Gloves [m] Antiquated Storyteller's Gloves [f] Antiquated Tantra Wristwraps [f] Antiquated Welkin Half Sleeves [m] Ao Oni kote [f] Arachne Field Dressing of Scouting [f] Arachne Field Dressing of Striking [f] Argute Gloves [m] Arhat Tekko of Aiming [m] Arhat Tekko of Casting [m] Arhat Tekko of Healing [m] Arhat Tekko of Striking [f] Armguards of the Last Unicorn [m] Armorer's Gloves [f] Artisan's Fingerstalls [m] Asuran Armguards [m] Asuran Tekko of Casting [m] Asuran Tekko of Healing [m] Asuran Tekko of Maiming [m] Asuran Tekko of Scouting [m] Asuran Tekko of Striking [m] Asuran Yugake of Aiming [f] Atrociraptorskin Armguard of Aiming [f] Atrociraptorskin Armguard of Scouting [m] Atrociraptorskin Armguards of Healing [m] Atrociraptorskin Bracers of Casting [m] Augmented Ala mhigan Gloves of Crafting [m] Augmented Ala Mhigan Gloves of Gathering [f] Augmented Choral Ringbands [f] Augmented Deepshadow Armguards of Healing [m] Augmented Evoker's Ringbands [m] Augmented Fieldkeep's Corsage [m] Augmented Galleykeep's Gloves [f] Augmented Gemkeep's Chaplets [m] Augmented Gemking's Gloves [f] Augmented Hammerking's Gloves [f] Augmented Healer's Gloves [m] Augmented Millkeep's Gloves [f] Augmented Scholar's Gloves [m] Augmented Slothskin Gloves of Aiming [m] Augmented Slothskin Gloves of Scouting [f] Augmented Tackleking's Fingerless Gloves [m] Augmented Temple Gloves [m] Augmented Torrent Armguards of Aiming [m] Augmented Torrent Armguards of Scouting [m] Augmented True Linen Halfgloves of Striking [r] Auri Halfgloves [m] Auroral Bracers [f] Austere Ringbands [f] Bard's Ringbands [f] Black Tulip Corsage [f] Blackbosom Dress Gloves [f] Blessed Halfgloves [m] Bloodhemped Armguards of Scouting [m] Bloodhemped Armguards of Striking [f] Blue Tulip Corsage [f] Boarskin Ringbands [f] Boarskin Ringbands of Flames [f] Boarskin Ringbands of Frost [f] Boarskin Ringbands of Gales [f] Boarskin Ringbands of Storms [f] Boarskin Ringbands of Tides [f] Boarskin Ringbands of Tremors [f] Boltfiend's Fingerstalls [f] Botanist's Gloves [m] Brand-new Halfgloves [m] Brigand's Gloves [m] Brightlinen Long Gloves of Aiming [m] Brightlinen Long Gloves of Striking [m] Brutal Guantlets [m] Brutal Guantlets +1 [m] Brutal Guantlets +2 [f] Bunny Chief Loops [f] Bunny Loops [f] Caller's Armlets [m] Carbonweave Sleeves of Crafting [f] Carpenter's Gloves [m] Channeler's Armlets [m] Channeler's Armlets +1 [m] Channeler's Armlets +2 [f] Choral Ringbands [f] Claw's of the Beast [f] Cleric's Gloves [f] Common Makai Manhandler's Fingerless Gloves [f] Common Makai Markswoman's Fingerless Gloves [f] Common Makai Moon Guide's Fingerless Gloves [f] Common Makai Priestess's Fingerless Gloves [m] Conqueror's Armguards [f] Constellation Armlets [f] Constellation Armlets +1 [f] Constellation Armlets +2 [f] Coronal Wristband [f] Cotton Halfgloves [f] Cuffs of the Divine Hero [f] Cuffs of the Divine Light [m] Dai-ryumyaku Kote of Aiming [m] Dai-ryumyaku Kote of Casting [m] Dai-ryumyaku Kote of Fending [m] Dai-ryumyaku Kote of Healing [m] Dai-ryumyaku Kote of Maiming [m] Dai-ryumyaku Kote of Scouting [m] Dai-ryumyaku Kote of Striking [f] Dated Canvas Halfgloves [f] Dated Canvas Halfgloves (Auburn) [f] Dated Canvas Halfgloves (Blue) [f] Dated Canvas Halfgloves (Brown) [f] Dated Canvas Halfgloves (Pink) [f] Dated Cotton Halfgloves [f] Dated Cotton Halfgloves (Blue) [f] Dated Cotton Halfgloves (Green) [f] Dated Cotton Halfgloves (Red) [f] Dated Cotton Halfgloves (Yellow) [m] Dated Dodoskin Wristguards [m] Dated Dodoskin Wristguards (Black) [m] Dated Fingerless Dodoskin Gloves [m] Dated Fingerless Leather Gloves (Black) [m] Dated Fingerless Leather Gloves (Green) [m] Dated Fingerless Leather Gloves (Ochre) [m] Dated Fingerless Leather Gloves (Red) [m] Dated Fingerless Sheepskin Gloves [m] Dated Fingerless Toadskin Gloves (Black) [m] Dated Fingerless Toadskin Gloves (Green) [m] Dated Fingerless Toadskin Gloves (Ochre) [m] Dated Fingerless Toadskin Gloves (Red) [f] Dated Hempen Halfgloves [f] Dated Hempen Halfgloves (Beige) [f] Dated Hempen Halfgloves (Brown) [f] Dated Hempen Halfgloves (Grey) [m] Dated Leather Wristguards [m] Dated Leather Wristguards (Black) [m] Dated Leather Wristguards (Green) [m] Dated Leather Wristguards (Ochre) [m] Dated Leather Wristguards (Red) [m] Dated Sheepskin Wristguards [m] Dated Sheepskin Wristguards (Grey) [m] Dated Sheepskin Wristguards (Taupe) [m] Dated Toadskin Wristguards [m] Dated Toadskin Wristguards (Brown) [f] Dated Velveteen Halfgloves [f] Dated Velveteen Halfgloves (Black) [f] Dated Velveteen Halfgloves (Green) [f] Dated Velveteen Halfgloves (Red) [f] Dated Velveteen Halfgloves (Yellow) [f] Deepshadow Armguards of Healing [f] Demagogue Halfgloves [m] Demon Bracers of Aiming [m] Demon Bracers of Scouting [m] Demon Bracers of Striking [m] Demon Gloves of Casting [m] Demon Gloves of Healing [f] Dhalmelskin Halfgloves of Crafting [m] Diabolic Gloves of Scouting [m] Diabolic Gloves of Striking [m] Diabolic Halfloves of Aiming [m] Diabolic Halfgloves of Casting [m] Direwolf Gloves of Healing [m] Dravanian Armguards of Casting [m] Dravanian Armguards of Healing [m] Dravanian Wristgloves of Aiming [m] Dravanian Wristgloves of Scouting [m] Dravanian Wristgloves of Striking [f] Dreadwyrm Bracers of Scouting [f] Dreadwyrm Bracers of Striking [f] Durium Chaplets [f] Eastern Journey Armlet's [f] Edengate Armlets of Healing [f] Edengate Armlets of Striking [m] Edengate Armlets of Casting [m] Edengate Armlets of Scouting [f] Edengrace Armlets of Healing [f] Edengrace Armlets of Striking [m] Edengrace Armlets of Casting [m] Edengrace Armlets of Scouting [f] Ehcatl Smithing Gloves [f] Ehcatl Wristgloves [f] Eikon Leather Armguards of Casting [f] Eikon Leather Armguards of Maiming [f] Eikon Leather Armguards of Striking [r] Elezen Halfgloves [m] Evoker's Ringbands [f] Exclusive Eastern Journey Armlet's [f] False Nails [f] Far Eastern Maiden's Armband [f] Far Eastern Noble's Armlets [f] Felt Halfgloves [m] Fieldfiend's Halfgloves [m] Fieldkeep's Corsage [f] Filibuster's Fingerless Gloves of Aiming [m] Fingerless Boarskin Gloves [m] Fingerless Boarskin Gloves of Gathering [m] Fingerless Goatskin Gloves [m] Fingerless Goatskin Gloves of Gathering [m] Fingerless Hard Leather Gloves [m] Fingerless Leather Gloves [m] Fingerless Peisteskin Gloves [m] Fingerless Peisteskin Gloves of Gathering [m] Fingerless Raptorskin Gloves [m] Fingerless Raptorskin Gloves of Gathering [m] Fisher's Gloves [m] Flame Elite's Vambraces [f] Flame Private's Halfgloves [f] Flame Private's Ringbands [f] Flame Sergeants's Halfgloves [m] Forager's Wristguards [m] Fuma Tekko [f] Gaganaskin Halfgloves [m] Galleykeep's Gloves [m] Galleymaster's Gloves [m] Gambler's Gloves [m] Gazelleskin Armguards of Aiming [m] Gazelleskin Armguards of Casting [m] Gazelleskin Bracers of Fending [m] Gazelleskin Bracers of Healing [f] Gemkeep's Chaplets [m] Gemking's Gloves [f] Gemmaster's Chaplets [m] Ghost Barque Armguards of Healing [m] Ghost Barque Armlets of Maiming [m] Ghost Barque Long Gloves of Scouting [m] Gloam Bracers [f] Goatskin Ringbands [m] Goatskin Wristguards [f] Golsmith's Gloves [m] Gordian Armguards of Aiming [m] Gordian Armguards of Scouting [m] Gordian Gauntlets of Maiming [m] Gordian Gauntlets of Striking [f] Green Tulip Corsage [m] Griffin Leather Bracers of Scouting [m] Griffin Leather Bracers of Striking [f] Griffin Leather Cuffs [m] Gryphonskin Gloves [f] Guardian Corps Gauntlets [m] Gyuki Leather Halfgloves of Scouting [m] Gyuki Leather Halfgloves of Striking [m] Halfgloves of Divine Death [m] Halfgloves of the Divine Harvest [m] Halonic Excorcist's Gloves [m] Halonic Priest's Gloves [f] Hammerking's Gloves [m] Handking's Gloves [f] Hard Leather Ringbands [m] Hard Leather Wristguards [f] Healer's Gloves [f] Hempen Halfgloves [m] Hidefiend's Armlets [m] High Allagan Gloves of Aiming [m] High Allagan Gloves of Casting [f] High Allagan Gloves of Healing [f] High Summoner's Armlets [f] Housemaid's Wristdresses [r] Hyuran Halfgloves [m] Ironwork's Engineer's Gloves [m] Ironworks Sleeves of Crafting [f] Ivalician Mystic's Halfgloves [f] Ivalician Oracle's Halfgloves [m] Ivalician Archer's Gloves [m] Ivalician Shikari's Fingerless Gloves [f] Ivalician Sky Pirate's Plunder [m] Ivalician Thief's Gloves [m] Ivalician Uhlan's Fingerless Gloves [f] Judge's Ringbands [f] Karasu Tekko [m] Kirimu Bracers [m] Koppranickel Armlets of Casting [m] Koppranickel Armlets of Healing [m] Landking's Gloves [f] Leather Ringbands [m] Leather Wristguards [m] Leatherworker's Gloves [m] Legacy Warrior Armguards [f] Linen Halfgloves [f] Loyal Housemaid's Wristdresses [f] Lucian Prince's Fingerless Gloves [f] Mage's Halfgloves [f] Makai Manhandler's Fingerless Gloves [f] Makai Markswoman's Fingerless Gloves [f] Makai Moon Guide's Fingerless Gloves [f] Makai Priestess's Fingerless Gloves [m] Marid Leather Gloves of Crafting [m] Marid Leather Gloves of Gathering [m] Melee Gloves [f] Militia Ringbands [m] Millfiend's Halfgloves [m] Millkeep's Gloves [m] Millmaster's Gloves [r] Miqo'te Gloves [m] Mistfall Halfgloves of Casting [m] Mistfall Halfgloves of Healing [f] Mistfall Halfgloves of Scouting [m] Molybdenum Armguards of Maiming [m] Molybdenum Armguards of Scouting [m] Molybdenum Armguards of Striking [m] Myochin Tekko [m] Myochin Tekko +1 [m] Myochin Tekko +2 [m] Nabaath Field Dressing of Aiming [m] Nabaath Gloves of Casting [m] Nabaath Gloves of Healing [m] Nabaath Gloves of Striking [m] Nameless Tekko [m] New World Armlets [f] Nezha Lady's Gloves [m] Nomad's Armguards of Aiming [m] Nomad's Armguards of Casting [m] Nomad's Armguards of Fending [m] Nomad's Armguards of Maiming [m] Nomad's Armguards of Scouting [f] Nomad's Armlets of Healing [f] Nomad's Armlets of Striking [m] Onishi Tekko [f] Orange Tulip Corsage [f] Orator's Cuffs [f] Orator's Cuffs +1 [f] Orator's Cuffs +2 [f] Orison Fingerless Gloves [m] Ornate Ironworks Sleeves of Crafting [m] Ornate Onishi Tekko [m] Ornate Yamashi Tekko [m] Orthodox Armguards of Casting [m] Orthodox Armguards of Healing [m] Orthodox Wristgloves of Aiming [m] Orthodox Wristgloves of Scouting [m] Orthodox Wristgloves of Striking [f] Pacifist's Armguards [f] Pacifist's Armguards +1 [f] Pacifist's Armguards +2 [f] Pagos Field Dressing [m] Panegyrist's Armwraps [m] Phlegethon's Gauntlets [m] Pixie Cotton Sleeves of Crafting [m] Prophet's Armwraps [m] Prototype Gordian Armguards of Aiming [m] Prototype Gordian Armguards of Scouting [m] Prototype Gordian Gauntlets of Maiming [m] Prototype Gordian Gauntlets of Striking [m] Punching Gloves [f] Purple Tulip Corsage [f] Rainbow Halfgloves of Scouting [f] Rainbow Tulip Corsage [f] Rakshasa Kote of Fending [f] Rakshasa Kote of Maiming [f] Rakshasa Tekko of Aiming [f] Rakshasa Tekko of Casting [f] Rakshasa Tekko of Healing [f] Rakshasa Tekko of Scouting [f] Rakshasa Tekko of Striking [m] Ramie Halfgloves of Casting [m] Ramie Halfgloves of Healing [m] Ravel Keeper's Armlets of Aiming [m] Ravel Keeper's Armlets of Fending [m] Ravel Keeper's Armlets of Maiming [m] Ravel Keeper's Armlets of Scouting [m] Ravel Keeper's Armlets of Striking [f] Ravel Keeper's Halfgloves of Casting [f] Ravel Keeper's Halfgloves of Healing [f] Red Tulip Corsage [f] Replica Dreadwyrm Bracers of Scouting [f] Replica Dreadwyrm Bracers of Striking [m] Replica High Allagan Gloves of Aiming [m] Replica High Allagan Gloves of Casting [f] Replica High Allagan Gloves of Healing [f] Republican Dimachaerius's Manicae [f] Republican Eques's Manicae [f] Republican Hoplomachus's Manicae [f] Republican Medicus's Wrist Torque [f] Republican Sagittarius's Wrist Torque [f] Republican Secutor's Manicae [f] Republican Signifier's Fingerless Gloves [r] Roegadyn Armguards [f] Ronkan Armguards of Aiming [f] Royal Volunteer's Fingerless Gloves of Healing [m] Ruby Cotton Fingerless Gloves of Casting [m] Ryumyaku Kote of Aiming [m] Ryumyaku Kote of Casting [m] Ryumyaku Kote of Fending [m] Ryumyaku Kote of Healing [m] Ryumyaku Kote of Maiming [m] Ryumyaku Kote of Scouting [m] Ryumyaku Kote of Striking [m] Saurian Gloves of Healing [f] Scholar's Gloves [f] Scion Chronocler's Ringbands [f] Scion Liberator's Fingerless Gloves [f] Scion Thief's Halfgloves [m] Serpent Elite's Bracers [m] Serpent Elite's Field Dressing [f] Serpent Private's Ringbands [m] Serpentskin Bracers of Aiming [m] Serpentskin Bracers of Scouting [m] Serpentskin Bracers of Striking [f] Serpentskin Halfgloves of Crafting [f] Seventh Heaven Fingerless Gloves [f] Seventh Heaven Fingerless Gloves +1 [f] Seventh Heaven Fingerless Gloves +2 [f] Shisui Kote of Scouting [f] Shisui Kote of Striking [m] Sipahi Gloves [m] Skallic Gloves of Aiming [m] Skallic Gloves of Striking [m] Sky Pirate's Gloves of Scouting [m] Sky Pirate's Gloves of Striking [m] Sky Rat Fingerless Gloves of Aiming [m] Sky Rat Fingerless Gloves of Casting [m] Sky Rat Fingerless Gloves of Striking [m] Sky Rat Hook of Fending [m] Sky Rat Hook of Healing [m] Sky Rat Hook of Maiming [m] Sky Rat Hook of Scouting [m] Slothskin Gloves of Aiming [m] Slothskin Gloves of Scouting [m] Smilodonskin Gloves of Crafting [m] Smilodonskin Gloves of Gathering [m] Softstepper's Gloves [m] Star Velvet Long Gloves of Casting [m] Star Velvet Long Gloves of Healing [f] Storm Private's Ringbands [m] Storm Private's Wristguards [m] Storm Sergeant's Wristguards [m] Storyteller's Gloves [m] Storyteller's Gloves +1 [m] Storyteller's Gloves +2 [m] Subjugator's Armguards [m] Summoner's Ringbands [f] Sunburst Armguard of Maiming [f] Sunburst Armguards of Casting [f] Sunburst Armguards of Striking [m] Sunstreak Gloves of Scouting [m] Sunstreak Gloves of Striking [m] Swallowskin Fingerless Gloves [f] Tackleking's Fingerless Gloves [f] Tantra Wristwraps [m] Temple Gloves [f] Tengu Tekko [m] Thaliak's Armlets of Casting [m] Thaliak's Armlets of Healing [f] Thavnairian Armlets [m] Thavnairian Gloves [f] The Emperor's New Gloves [m] The Forgiven's Bracers of Aiming [m] The Forgiven's Bracers of Scouting [m] The Forgiven's Bracers of Striking [m] The Forgiven's Gloves of Casting [m] The Forgiven's Gloves of Healing [m] Tigerskin Armguards of Casting [m] Tigerskin Armguards of Healing [m] Tigerskin Fingerless Gloves of Gathering [m] Tigerskin Gloves of Aiming [m] Tigerskin Gloves of Scouting [m] Tigerskin Wristgloves of Striking [m] Torrent Armguards of Aiming [m] Torrent Armguards of Scouting [m] Trailblazer's Wristguards [m] True Griffin Bracers of Aiming [m] True Griffin Bracers of Scouting [m] True Griffin Bracers of Striking [m] True Griffin Gloves of Casting [m] True Griffin Gloves of Healing [m] True Linen Halfgloves of Striking [m] Valerian Rogue's Halfgloves [m] Valerian Smuggler's Halfgloves [m] Valerian Wizard's Fingerless Gloves [m] Vanya Gloves of Casting [m] Vanya Gloves of Healing [f] Velveteen Halfgloves [r] Viera Armlets [m] Void Ark Gloves of Aiming [m] Void Ark Gloves of Scouting [m] Void Ark Halfgloves of Striking [f] Warlock's Ringbands [m] Warwolf Gloves of Aiming [m] Warwolf Gloves of Casting [m] Weathered Auroral Bracers [m] Weathered Beckoner's Fingerless Gloves [f] Weathered Bhikku Gloves [m] Weathered Bodyguards's Fingerless Gloves [f] Weathered Boii Gauntlets [f] Weathered Dancer's Armlets [f] Weathered Ebers Armlets [m] Weathered Fili Armlets [m] Weathered Fingerless Gloves [m] Weathered Gloam Bracers [f] Weathered Gunslinger Halfgloves [f] Weathered Halfgloves [f] Weathered Hattori Tekko [f] Weathered Kasuga Kote [f] Weathered Soothsayer's Armlets [f] Weathered Wicce Wrist Torque [f] Welkin Half Sleeves [f] White Tulip Corsage [m] Wild Rose Armguards [m] Woad Skychaser's Armguards [m] Woad Skydruid's Armlets [m] Woad Skyhunter's Armlets [m] Woad Skylancer's Armlets [m] Woad Skyraider's Armguards [m] Woad Skywarrior's Armguards [m] Woad Skywicce's Armguards [f] Wolf Ringbands [f] Woolen Halfgloves [f] Wyvernskin Cuffs of Aiming [f] Wyvernskin Cuffs of Scouting [m] Wyvernskin Gloves of Fending [m] Yafaemi Gloves of Scouting [m] Yafaemi Gloves of Striking [m] Yafaemi Halfgloves of Aiming [m] Yafaemi Halfgloves of Casting [m] Yafaemi Halfgloves of Healing [f] Yama Kote of Fending [f] Yama Kote of Maiming [f] Yama Tekko of Aiming [f] Yama Tekko of Casting [f] Yama Tekko of Healing [f] Yama Tekko of Scouting [f] Yama Tekko of Striking [m] Yamashi Tekko [m] Yanxian Tekko of Casting [m] Yanxian Tekko of Healing [m] Yanxian Tekko of Maiming [m] Yanxian Tekko of Scouting [m] Yanxian Tekko of Striking [m] Yanxian Yugake of Aiming [m] Yasha Tekko of Casting [m] Yasha Tekko of Healing [m] Yasha Tekko of Maiming [m] Yasha Tekko of Scouting [m] Yasha Tekko of Striking [m] Yasha Yugake of Aiming [f] Yellow Tulip Corsage [f] Zonureskin Fingerless Gloves of Aiming [f] Zonureskin Fingerless Gloves of Casting [f] Zonureskin Fingerless Gloves of Fending [f] Zonureskin Fingerless Gloves of Healing [m] Zonureskin Fingerless Gloves of Maiming [m] Zonureskin Fingerless Gloves of Scouting [f] Zonureskin Fingerless Gloves of Striking Gear/Two Handed/3D #[m] Antiquated Sudarshana Chakra NOT WORKING REQUIRES TEXTOOLS UPDATE #[m] Augmented Deepshadow Knuckes NOT WORKING REQUIRES TEXTOOLS UPDATE #[m] Deepshadow Knuckes NOT WORKING REQUIRES TEXTOOLS UPDATE #[m] Makai Fists NOT WORKING REQUIRES TEXTOOLS UPDATE #[m] Replica Sudarshana Chakra Anemos NOT WORKING REQUIRES TEXTOOLS UPDATE #[m] Sudarshana Chakra NOT WORKING REQUIRES TEXTOOLS UPDATE #[m] Sudarshana Chakra +1 NOT WORKING REQUIRES TEXTOOLS UPDATE #[m] Sudarshana Chakra +2 NOT WORKING REQUIRES TEXTOOLS UPDATE #[m] Sudarshana Chakra Anemos NOT WORKING REQUIRES TEXTOOLS UPDATE #[m] Sudarshana Chakra Pagos NOT WORKING REQUIRES TEXTOOLS UPDATE #[m] Sudarshana Chakra Pagos +1 NOT WORKING REQUIRES TEXTOOLS UPDATE #[m] Tarnished Makai Fists NOT WORKING REQUIRES TEXTOOLS UPDATE Monster Models #[n] 9157 (Yotsuyu) TO BE ADDED Gear/Rings/3D [Fix for Several Rings which Badly Clip] [m] Aetherial Coral Ring Character/Body/3D [1.0 Item Ankle Fix for Au Ra & Miqo'te] [f] Hyur Midlander Female/2 [f] Hyur Midlander Female/5
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  2. Replies
    1. if you're using windows10/edge, it wont work, use chrome it'll download it fine and then install like you normally would. i had a similar problem.

  3. be warned installing all at once might cause issues with the game, I would recommend doing 100 at a time

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  5. any chance for a housemaid mod with bigger bust?

  6. HI i have an issue with this, and i don't know how to fix it, the problem es that when i pull the camera as far as i can the shadow of people using these gears flickers and it appears a black polygonm anyone have some idea how to fix it?

    1. disable lod:

    2. riiiight i forgot that option. Thank u so much

  7. Gen2 Compatible Body Textures page is not found? Will it break without that? Also how will this make items looks that aren't included in the pack?

    1. Thanks for the heads up on the broken link. You can use the textures from all of the gen2 body mods.

  8. Seems the pedi mod kinda overlaps the vanilla Vierra feet. It looks like a plastic covering with a seam in the middle of the feet. Will this mod be update for Vierra?

  9. Hello, I was just wondering if you plan on updating this mod for Shadowbringer items in the future?

    1. I may update this but it is extremely time consuming and may take a while.

    2. Ended up suspended in ffxiv so had nothing better to do with my day off than to update this.

    3. Holy shit, you're so awesome. And I'm sorry to hear you got suspended. I sincerely hope it's not permanent

  10. Thanks for yet another update. <3

  11. i can't download it in MEGA, tell that have temporal error

  12. Is it possible to have a separate version of feet only or hand only? I don't think there's an easy way to install just one or the other easily other than manually select each item manually

    1. I don't plan on making seperate modpacks for the feet and hands. Hopefully textools adds better item sorting in the future so people can just uncheck all the feet or hands at once.

  13. Awesome mod, only issue im having is with Au Ra's, it works on feet but hands stay stock. Cant seem to make it appear on their hands at all no matter the install order.

    1. This mod does not affect the base hands when nothing is equiped as noted in the giant bold red text at the top of the modpage. If you want those added in submit bug reports for textools that they are missing in the item list.

  14. when I use that, my aura girl's bare feet will got some scales on the Soles of the feet


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