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FAQ / Troubleshooting

If you cannot find an answer to your question or problem here, then try asking around one of the Communities under the Community dropdown at the top, or leave a comment on the mod in question.
  • ▀ The ability to post mods here is based on an invitation that you have to receive. All you need to do is get into contact with PrettyKitty or Natyusha and ask. The best way to get a hold of them is through the Textools discord using the link on the navigation bar above. It is set up this way to keep the site organized, and prevent spam or messy entries.
    • Want a mod posted here for you? That can also be done on request.

How do I use these mods?

  • ▀ You install them using Textools. Links to the programs website are located in various spots all over the website. On it's website, it has a Tutorial section that will guide you through what it is you need to do.

Can I get in trouble for using these mods?

  • ▀ These mods are used at your own discretion. General census however is don't show, don't tell. These are purely aesthetic mods designed to improve the visual appeal of the game, based on personal taste. Don't start bragging about them in the game and causing a big fuss over them in public, and you are generally fine. I would recommend not streaming with them either, but to each their own.

Is (Insert Mod) compatible with this body type?

  • ▀ The thing with the majority of these mods is that they don't actually modify seam locations. What does this mean? It means that technically all mods are compatible with one another given that they don't replace the same thing, and the textures permit it. The 'Supported Body Types:' area on mod posts doesn't mean that you can not use the mod with a different body type such as NaughtyWvr's small/medium/large, it simply means that the mod was created to fit the chest size and proportions of that specific type of body. Each piece of gear in the game has it's own body, thus by equipping a Large chest piece while your character actually uses Small chest size, you will have a Large chest with that specific piece of gear equipped.

    Troubleshooting FAQ

    A few primary pointers to ensure your modding experience goes as smoothly as possible

    • Make sure you are using the most recent version of Textools.
      • This is an often cause for problems people seem to run into. If your Textools is out of date, you should be getting a popup any time you open it, telling you a new version is available. Download the update. If you are unsure of your Textools version, check 'About' > 'FFXIV Textools' to see what version number you are using.
    • Use Help > Check For Problems.
      • This is the first thing anyone running into a problem should do. It can both help show the cause of problems, as well as fix certain problems for you.
    • Disable the 'Use low-detail models on distant objects. (LOD)' setting.
      • This specifically fixes issue where meshes rip across the screen when you zoom out. This setting can be found under System Configuration > Graphics Settings. It has no reason to be on when modding, so turn that off.
    • Delete your AppData folder for Textools at '\Users\(USER)\AppData\Local\FFXIV_TexTools2'.
      • This resets the directory information that is saved by Textools to remember where your client is. By deleting this, you can force the directory prompt to appear again when launching Textools, allowing you to select a different directory. The specific location is '\Users\(USER)\AppData\Local\FFXIV_TexTools2'. Either delete the FFXIV_TexTools2 folder, or everything inside of it. This will only fix problems related to Textools startup crashes if something goes wrong and it can not access or find the files it needs.

        My game keeps crashing after installing a mod?

        • ▀ Assuming you installed it correctly as you should, your index files are likely corrupt. You'll have to first apply a clean set of Indexes or Reinstall the game. Afterwards, go to 'Help' in Textools, and click 'Start Over'. This will renew all of the files Textools needs to, as well as copy the Index files you just placed in the backup directory, to the 'ffxiv' folder for you. Afterwards, click 'Help' again, and 'Check For Problems' to ensure nothing else is wrong. Now reinstall your mods and you should be fine.

        My Winrar/7zip is telling me the file I'm trying to extract is damaged or corrupt?

        • ▀ Your Winrar or 7Zip is out of date. For some reason, older versions of the program are unable to extract the files that the newer versions make. Update your program and you should be able to extract the files fine.

        Installing a mod causes a huge triangle to appear from my character?

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