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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Naty's Reshade

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Naty's Reshade
Version: 1.4
Download: Here

The reshade preset which I use for general gameplay as well as preview pictures for this website. The chromakey and depth of field are meant to be disabled outside of screenshots and the dof should be tweaked depending on the desired effect. Since SSDO is present in this preset it is advised to use a reshade build which unlocks the z-depth buffer to avoid any flickering.

This preset will work automatically with GShade. If you use a different reshade package make sure to have the following shaders:

  • 1.1: Updated with several small tweaks, the addition of KeepUI and a different depth of field shader. [2019-07-03]
  • 1.2: Updated with compatible settings for Gshade's MXAO EX. [2019-07-28]
  • 1.3: Switched MXAO to PPFX SSDO, from cinematic dof to qUINT dof, from HDR to Fake HDR and changed the chromakey color so that it will work with GShade's transparent screenshot feature. [2019-08-30]
  • 1.4: Switched to hosting the file on gist and slightly adjusted the ssdo [2019-10-22]


A Final Fantasy XIV modder with a focus on high quality edits for vanilla gear.

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  1. Replies
    1. Thanks, I must have accidentally deleted it. Should work now.

  2. Thanks for the mod :)

    Have you ever considered modding the level 80 weathered dancer outfit?

    1. I've done a few size conversions for people but haven't bothered to release them.

  3. It seems like whoever made the KeepUI thing took it down from github, it links to a 404 for me. Any other way to get it?

    1. Looks like they nuked their whole github account. I'll put it in a gist for those who don't want to use gshade.


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