Thursday, August 2, 2018

Better Bunny Sluts

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Mod Name: Better Bunny Sluts
Mod Version: v2.0
Compatible Races:: All Non-Lalafell
Compatible Genders: Female
Required Mods: None
Supported Body Types: Based on CB3; no body mod required though.
More Preview Images: On Imgur
Download: Via Mega or Via Mediafire

Better Bunny Sluts - More classic and sluttier Bunny Girl outfits with many options.

- One-piece high cut leotard style bunny-girl outfit with fishnet style stockings.
- Bunny Chief is a black set, basic Bunny set is white.
- Changes accessory pieces to match the rest of the outfit's colors.
- Entire set for both is still dye-able.
- Option for sluttier bunny girls, adding text to the chokers and back tattoos.
- Option for Only White or Only Black bunny girls, changing the color schemes for both sets to be the same (Default option can cause some Golden Saucer NPC girls to have clashing colors)
- Does not change the Male bunny outfits, although the base colors on their accessories bunny outfit pieces may change slightly.
- Includes modding tools for easy customization and readme for first time users.

Version 1.1
- Added option to cut off bunny tails.  You monsters.
- Fixed minor clipping around the bust with certain emotes.
- Fixed neck disappearing when wearing long gloves.
- Added more modding tools.

Version 2.0
- Added option for Sheer tops
- Added options for various Legacy Mark placements
- Added options for various Legwear choices
- Now plays nicely with boots and gloves of all lengths.
- Bunny Tails now auto-hide on races that already have tails by default.
- Shoes are now properly transparent with skin under their hose and match with the rest of the outfit.
- Chest tweaked slightly to look less skin tight.
- Should still work with old version 1.1 edits such as size alterations.

Note to Non-NA/EU/JP Users:
- This mod requires that your region has already been patched up to the point where the male bunny suits were introduced.

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  1. hi, i have some problem.

    everytime i import the mod,and enter game ,bunny NPCs just dres nothing!
    (it looks like dress nothing but actually it`s different to no gear because i installed some other moods like Curvier Bodies v3)

    and when i import it again ,textool said some of the document`s exsist is "False", but some are "True".(tried 3 times)

    i just can`t understand it .It should be rewrited, isn`t it?

    Would please offer me some help, thank you a lot.

    1. there are some map cannot enable in Textool`s modlist.even i click the "enable" buttom.

      i`m confused......

    2. What server are you playing on?

      As far as I know, some other servers that are not managed directly by SE(like China or Korean), don't have the male version bunny suit. It causes the raw files in those clients are not same. So that may be the reason you can't enable them using this post's ttmp.

    3. Yes! i mean must be what u said .i don`t need to worry about it but just to wait.Thank u very much.(i`m in china server)

  2. having issue with the shoes, showing false when I go to import, and in game it looks like an AST card disc, it says male instead of female as well, I play on a NA server.

    1. If you had a mod installed from before SE added the male bunny suits, then install a different mod over them, that happens.

  3. It's amazing, good job Sel. However, there's something I want to know. "Legacy Marks." What are those, I put on standard Legacy Marks, and I don't see anything different, unless I'm missing something. Again, thanks.

    1. Legacy Marks are something special for characters that transferred to ARR from FFXIV 1.0. It's a special mark that'll appear on those characters, between their shoulder blades. That's what it looks like :)


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