Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Scaleless Au Ra Females

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Mod Name:Scaleless Au Ra Females
Mod Version: 3.1 "Updated "2/19/19"
Compatible Races:: Au Ra Compatible Genders: Female Supported Body Types: Gen2 Tight&Firm Bodies , WVR Bodies, and Vanilla Body/Legs
Download: Here
  • Sapphire: For making this mod. 
  • Saika Darkmoon (Kylie): for creating the first scaleless Au Ra Mod.
  • Dricent the Helping Hand: for allowing me to use her faces as a foundation.
  • Titan Firm: for allowing me to use his ears and for helping me with R&D.
  • Bocaroido : assisting with Q&A

What is it?: This mod removes the horns, scales, and tails from Au Ra females basically turning them into a custom race. "HyuRa" 

Why not just play a Hyur?: This Mod is meant for people who don't like how normal Hyurs look but like how the Au Ra faces, emotes, animations, mannerisms, and hair look. it's also good for people who want to play as a halfling for roll play.

Known Issue: The backside of the neck base on Xaela head 4 is slightly off color. some hairs clip into the ears. "nothing I can do about it, SE's hair wasn't designed to work with ears."

Donate: This update to the Scaleless mod took me 3 months of hard work to complete, if you think my time and effort is meaningful to you and you're a awesome person, please consider donating Here

If you have questions, the best way to reach me is to find me on Discord in the textools channel since I often forget to check the page for questions. 
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  1. I really love the tight and soft body texture, is there one compatible for the scaleless mod for Aura?

    1. Yes, All you need to do is download your Tight and Soft texture and rename the Hyur midlaner normal map to the AuRa one and import it back into textools. just rename this --c0201b0001_n.dds to this. --c1401b0001_n.dds

    2. UPDATE: Titan released a tight and soft version for the scaleless mod

  2. is there a way to disable the scales but KEEP the tail?

    1. Yes, Just don't import the files that touch the tail

  3. Unless I'm doing this wrong, I still have scales on me, though the horns and the tail are gone as intended. I imported all of the 2k mods into the client, and no dice.

  4. Is there something I am doing wrong? Every time I try to log in, I get a DX11 error that crashes the game. But if I remove this Mod, it works fine.

    1. could you give me some more info to work with? 4k, 2k, horns, hornless...

    2. Turned out it was an installation issue. Fixed when I installed the game on a different drive.

  5. Hello!
    This mod makes my character's eyes really, really bright. Is there a reason for this or a way to fix it? Thanks so much!

  6. HI! Awesome mod! However, is there a version that *doesn't* give my character such defined abs? Even the vanilla version changes the model to give her a 6 pack.

  7. Do you happen to still have the old version of head 1 with no ears? I'm using (or trying to use) an elf ear mod to go with it but both are showing and it's a bit funky.

  8. Hey, does this mod work on faces 3 and 4? I see mention of only face 2 having issues and all the screenshots seem to be of face 1 (or am I wrong?)

  9. Can i get an install guide please ? I'm an idiot and i can't seem to get the mod working... I used the Tight & soft body so i tried installing the scaleless ttmp but it has 0 effect on my character i still have my tail and scales...

  10. I have Odd eyes so the mod alter them and make them unicolor and really bright and disabling the 3D model add back my horns is there no way to have my normal eyes and no horns ?


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