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Friday, March 16, 2018

Thavnairian Bubble Bottom Tights

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Thavnairian Bubble Bottom Tights
Mod Name: Thavnairian Bubble Bottom Tights
Mod Version: 1.5
Compatible Races: Hyur, Roegadyn, Elezen, Au Ra, Miqo'te
Compatible Genders: Female
Download: Here
Credits: Natyusha
Required Mods: Compatible Body Textures
Supported Body Types: Bubble Bottom WVR Body, Bubble Bottoms (Gen1)
More Sizes: Here
  • 1.1: Fixed some slight clipping with the mid thigh and Updated to Bubble Bottoms v1.3.
  • 1.2: Updated to Bubble Bottoms v1.6.
  • 1.3: Updated to Bubble Bottoms v1.8. [2018-04-08]
  • 1.4: Added Bubble Bottoms Gen2 (BBWVR) Support. [2018-08-10]
  • 1.5: Added Vanilla Bottoms as a bonus size. [2019-07-11]

A simple mod that replaces the Thavnairian Tights with a naked Bubble Bottom sized version.


A Final Fantasy XIV modder with a focus on high quality edits for vanilla gear.

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  1. Natyusha, any chance you'd consider doing another version of this with the panties replaced with a thong?

  2. could a version of this possibly be released that uses the Emperor's New Breeches? For those who wish to use thing without actively install and uninstalling for other characters and screenshots ^^


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