Sunday, February 11, 2018

Sleeved Belly Jerkins

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Mod Name: Sleeved Belly Jerkins
Mod Version: 1.0
Compatible Races:: Midlander, Highlander, Au Ra, Miqo'te, Elezen, Roegadyn
Compatible Genders: Female
Supported Body Types: All (Global Sizing)
Download: Here

Required Mods:
  • Naughty Patch 2.2.1 or a full nude body recommended.
Turns the regular old Jerkins into belly tops with sleeves. I kept the sleeves because to me, they add more attention to the exposed midriff. 'Global Sizing' means it uses the games base chest scaling size, as any other unmodified armor would, thus it is a 1 size fits all type deal. This single mod applies to all Jerkin type tops such as Toadskin, Boarskin, Raptorskin, and Wyvernskin. Choose which one you like based on it's texture and how it dyes, or create your own Colorset. This does not apply to Gryphonskin as that uses a different model.
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