Saturday, June 2, 2018

PK's Body Piercing Sets

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Mod Name: PK's Body Piercing Sets
Mod Version: 3.0
Compatible Races:: Midlander, Highlander, Au Ra, Miqo'te, Elezen, Roegadyn
Compatible Genders: Female
Supported Body Types:
  • Simple Barbell
  • • Wvr 2.2.1 Small/Medium/Large Chest
  • • Sel's Curvier Chest
  • • PK's Petite Body & Legs

  • • PrettyKitty for the Petite Body
  • • Sel for the Curvier Body
Download: Here

    The home of PrettyKitty's customizable piercing sets. These piercings are nude body replacers, And/Or Emperors body replacers. These piercings come with style variations, and can be colored using the ColorSet Editor on the TexTools Discord. For a list of what else will be done with this set, see below.

    Current Sets
    • • Simple Barbell (Chest & Legs)

    To do
    • • Add futa pack piercings.
    • • Add new piercing styles such as hearts, rings, spikes, etc.
    • • Add a Female Roe version to fix Naval problem.
    • • Add support for the other versions of Sel's Curvier Body.
    • • Add Male piercings.
    • • Make the barbell bar dye separately from the tips.
    • • Other things.

    Known Issues
    • • Female Roe's currently are unable to have Naval Piercings. Their gut is stretched too far forward for it to work using the current piercing model. They'll need their own exclusive version for Naval to work.


    • V3.0 (TC:966)
      • • Added Simple Barbell Leg piercings for the Petite Legs. Other leg variations and piercing styles will come later..
    • V2.0 (TC:830)
      • • Remade the Barbell Piercings, making them both higher detail and adding a bar to the nipple piercings.
      • • Mod has been renamed to PK's Body Piercing Sets.
      • • Added support for PK's Petite Body, and the updated Sel's Curvier Body (Medium)
    • V1.0 (TC:0)
      • • Mod Introduced.

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    1. Updated to version 3.0, which includes a Petite Legs Vag piercing set.


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