Sunday, February 11, 2018

Master Sword / Corrupt Master Sword Weapon Set

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Mod Name: Master Sword / Corrupt Master Sword Weapon Set
Mod Version: 1.2
Compatible Races:: All
Compatible Genders: All
Supported Body Types: All
  • Paladin Set (Bronze Bastard Sword)
    Required Mods:
    • N/A
    Replaces the Bronze Bastard Sword model and textures with a Master Sword of your choice. Choose which you like most out of the 6, and follow the instructions included for installation. Comes with 6 different types of swords with preview pictures of each, and 3 texture sizes. Choose which texture size you are comfortable with using. Do note however that 4k is pretty massive, so Textools will take a little bit to load it all in, if that is what you go with. Dark Knight and other job versions will come at a later date.

    It is possible to get all 3 versions of either a Cleansed, or a corrupt Master Sword in game at the same time. Import the Awakened version of your choice in place of the Bronze Bastard Sword. When you do this, the textures and model will be used for the Brass Bastard Sword, but the ColorSet wont, meaning the Brass Bastard Sword will be the standard version of the sword, without a glow. Then export and rename the Blessed version of the sword to import in place of Blunt Bastard Sword. This will give you the Awakened as Bronze, regular as Brass, and Blessed as Blunt. Alternatively, you can choose 1 of the opposite type swords to import in place of the Blunt Bastard Sword, as it uses it's entire own set of textures.

    To do

    • • N/A

    Known Issues

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    • V1.2
      • • Version 1.2 adds modpack compatibility.
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    1 comment:

    1. is it possible to modify these bad boys to replace other weapons? id like to put it over a higher end weapon so i dont look too silly to other players.


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