Sunday, February 11, 2018

Ironworks Aiming & Scouting Lewd Legs (+Augmented)

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Mod Name: Ironworks Aiming & Scouting Lewd Legs (+Augmented)
Mod Version: 1.0
Compatible Races:: Midlander, Highlander, Au Ra, Miqo'te, Elezen, Roegadyn
Compatible Genders: Female
Download: Here

Required Mods:
  • Naughty Patch 2.2.1 or a full nude body recommended.
Few things to keep in mind with this. It's not absolutely perfect. If you equip any top piece that hides the belt, the model wigs out. Until I find a way to stop that from happening, I've no choice but to leave it (Why use this if you're going to hide the belt anyway?). This edit applies to both Aiming and Scouting, and each augmented version. Lastly, this is a raw model edit. The ass on the nude legs is bigger than it is on the pants, so I had to make some modifications to the belt to make up for that. You may get clipping with certain poses, but there isn't a lot I can do about that.
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