Saturday, October 13, 2018

Tight&Firm Omega-F

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Mod Name: Tight&Firm Omega-F
Mod Version: 1.02 (Hotfix update 10/13 @ 11:52 am PST)
Compatible Races: Au Ra, Miqo'te, Hyur, Elezen, Roegadyn
Compatible Genders: Female
Supported Body Types: Gen2
Download: Here

Credits: Natyusha for BBWVR legs, Sel for CB3 legs.

Tight&Firm Omega-F is an outfit set based on Alphascape Omega-F. Original boss model and textures were remade with new topology to fit Tight&Firm body, and repainted in meme-worthy ultra high-def while retaining as much of the vanilla design as possible.

Read the included README file for complete contents and installation instructions.

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Here is a quick reference guide for Modders porting attributes properly to other base items if you plan on migrating these to different base items

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  1. Oooh. Very nice job! But gosh darn it's behind a payment of $41.00 if you don't possess any of the mogstation stuff, excluding the Rathalos Coil.

  2. It work good on my Xaela but its a bit expensive and i cant buy all pieces, a good mod anyway.

  3. Nice mod it's just the ribbon on the back kind of doesn't go with the whole leather vixen theme and it hides the ass

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Please anyway to remove the bow tie on the back, IMy fem Roe + TF2 has such an amazing ass using CB3 that its crime against humanity to hide that ass

  5. Your mod is very nice. However, could you remove the ribbon on the back and attributes it to other base items please?

    I love your skin but I can't use it, it's too expensive on the shop for me.


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