Thursday, June 28, 2018

Tight&Firm Gen2 Body

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Mod Name: Tight&Firm Gen2 Body by Titan Firm
Mod Version: 2.1 - Updated 9/24/2018
Compatible Races: Au Ra, Miqo'te, Hyur, Elezen, Roegadyn
Compatible Genders: Female
Supported Body Types: Gen2
Tight&Firm Gen2 Body - SFW & NSFW

Tight&Firm Gen2 Textures Only

Credits: PrettyKitty, Sel, & NaughtyWeaver for all your pioneering work and edits on the original NWVR bodies. Natyusha for Bubble Bottoms mesh and CleanMaps, Acronid for original Hentai Chest, both of which are integral starting points for this mod. Bizu for Au Ra scale normals, Lizzy & Ruta for compatibility work for Ruta's Scales.

Required Mods: None

Tight&Firm Body is a brand new "Gen2" base nude body rebuilt from the ground up, styled after the classic California pinup girl "Barbie doll" figure, with an emphasis on tight toned physique.

This body mod is an all-in-one set with no dependencies. It includes: Small, Medium (default) and Large sizes for chest and legs, brand new feet, and custom HD textures for all supported races, including compatibility textures for Scaleless Au Ra and Ruta's Scales (base pattern).

Being that this is a new Gen2 base body, there is limited compatibility with existing mods that were based on the old NWVR body. READ THE README FILE FOR FULL INFO.

I've also included a resources folder for mod creators that includes 3D files for making clothing as well as PNG overlays for custom textures and compatibility edits.

v2.1 Update Notes: Added new hands mesh, fixed ankle clipping.

Any questions, send me a DM on Textools Discord: @Titan Firm#8975
Follow my DevBlog on Tumblr: Here

Chest sizes (Shown from left to right: Small, Medium, Hentai)

Leg sizes (Shown from left to right: Small, Medium, Large)

SFW bra and panties

Handy dandy import chart of all the pieces:

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  1. Does this awesome body mod include "Bubble Buttoms" actally? I had installed the bubble bottoms and Sel's Curvier Body Mod before this one. After installing T&F Body Mod I think I miss a more bigger ass like after installing "Bubble Buttoms". If not included, is it safe to install it later?

    1. It's my understanding that normal bubble bottoms is based off of Naughty Weaver and so is not compatible until it's ported over. You would have green genitals if you tried to install it.

    2. okay :D Then I never try it! Thank you x)

    3. I have an issue with panty style bottoms, like the Thavnarian Legs, bathing suits etc where the back of the thigh looks like a lumpy mass. Is there something I can do to fix that? Thanks, looks perfect otherwise

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. For some reason, all the nipples on mine are the exact same as the skin color. Is that intentional?

  4. This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. I love this mod the best, been waiting for muscles tones for females along time.

  6. I absolutely love the body, just a shame there aren't many clothes for it yet.

  7. Game crash right after being launched without error prompt or anything. :/
    It was fine before the update. I have my TexTool updated to as the last version of this mod. Still crashing without any error prompt. :/

    1. I had the same issue goto help in the textools menu and click start over, you'll have to import all your mods again but the game will work.

  8. I've notice version 2.1 has a slightly saggy butt compared with the original gen 2 Tight&FirmBodyNSFW.ttmp. Am I imagining this ? So I just overwrote the breeches and small cloth for legs with the original

  9. Is there any chance a futa pack could be included with this mod like with the Bubble Bottom mod pack? I often use the futa mods from that mod pack so that females in game have a dick when they equip emperor's new breeches, but the problem is that it makes the butt look bigger as well. Would be great if they could be adapted for and included with these mods as well.

  10. after the latest update at max zoom out the body goes invisible

  11. If I wanted a pubic hair texture for this mod, how would I go about adding it? The layout of the texture is a bit different then the base nude mod so I wasn't sure where I would edit.


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